Apply for Seedcorn Funding

The EMC has seedcorn funding available for a project or projects which seek to understand, develop or disseminate best practice or innovation in History teaching and learning.

Our main focus is on three types of project:

(i) teaching-related networks and workshops, whether of teaching staff or postgraduate tutors;

(ii) student engagement initiatives;

(iii) pedagogical research.

However, the Steering Group will consider any application that meets the criteria set out below.


Projects must:

  • Be inclusive and network-based, involving participants from more than one institution in the region
  • Take no more than 12 months to complete (with some flexibility to accommodate any Covid-related disruption to the project)
  • Cost the EMC no more than £1000 (partial funding of larger projects possible, smaller bids welcomed)
  • Produce an end-of-project report within one month of the project’s completion, which can be disseminated via the EMC’s website
  • Where appropriate, projects may be asked as part of the feedback from the Committee to produce a relevant resource(s) for dissemination


The EMC will select projects for seedcorn funding which:

  • Advance understanding of pedagogical principles in History teaching and learning at undergraduate level or above
  • Address a pressing issue or problem, or promise significant innovation
  • Encourage the building of networks across EMC institutions
  • Demonstrate potential benefit to all EMC’s constituent organisations, large and small
  • Are likely to benefit students directly
  • Identify specific and measurable outcomes
  • Are well planned and clearly costed


Applications should be presented on 1-2 pages of A4, and include:

  • Description of the project (rationale, participants, aims and objectives, intended outcomes)
  • Outputs and dissemination plan (timeline, milestones, specific publications, events or activities)
  • Costings (e.g. travel, catering, technical support, hiring of student research assistance)
  • A statement explaining how the project meets the principles and criteria above

Applications should be submitted to the Steering Committee of the EMC c/o

Informal enquiries regarding a proposed application can also be submitted to the Committee, who will be happy to discuss ideas in more detail.

The application deadlines for the academic year 20223 are:

Tuesday 21st March 5pm

Tuesday 20th June 5pm

Applicants will receive a reply within five weeks of these deadlines.

If necessary, applicants should be prepared to revise their applications on receipt of feedback from the Committee.

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